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Christmas is coming… I need some quick home redecoration tips!

Quick home redecoration tips for Christmas

It’s November and before we can blink Christmas will be here. We know how it is with home decor… the house looks fine for the occasional visit; that scuffed bit of paint, or mark on the floor doesn’t matter. Come Christmas and a big gathering, all that changes; that scuff is suddenly all you notice, […]

Choosing the Right Style for Your Bathroom Remodel

mosaic tile effect PVC wall panel

Are you considering revamping your bathroom? Even if you decide to keep your existing suite, a bathroom remodel is still a lot of work before you can lie back in a bubble bath and admire the fruits of your labours. For many, a bathroom should be a relaxing and calming place to be. That could […]

What Causes Mould In Bathrooms?


Mould in Bathrooms Mould can occur anywhere in the home. However, there are certain hotspots where it is far more likely you’ll see those black and green dots appearing and beginning to spread. When this occurs, you need to find out what’s causing it.   What conditions does mould love to grow in? Mould can […]

Change your kitchen floor in 7 easy steps

stone effect vinyl floor

Changing your kitchen floor in a quick way to breath life into an old looking kitchen.  Kitchen renovations are expensive projects. Most kitchens are built to last but it’s not unusual to want a change to your décor though – a change that might seem impossible to achieve if you’re looking at your kitchen. The […]

Discover How Wall Panels Provide a Fast Change to Your Décor

Do you ever sit at home and wish your rooms looked fresher, brighter, and more welcoming? If so, it’s time for a change. The only thing is the thought of indulging in some DIY and decorating put off many people from achieving the looks they want. However, if you are thinking along the lines of […]

3 Methods for Achieving a Modern Look in Any Room of Your Home

PVC Wall Panels

Does your home need a makeover? If your existing décor is looking tired and outdated, it can be difficult to know how to make the changes you desire. Bringing your home – or even just one room – into the present by giving it a modern look is desirable. However, you may feel overwhelmed and […]

3 Time-Saving Tricks for Installing Wall Panels

how to install pvc wall panels

  Wall panels can be used in any room to create a stunning transformation. They’re designed to be quick and easy to install too. However, following some simple tricks and tips will help save you even more time.  Installing Wall panels: make sure you have all the necessary tools ready before you begin Once you […]

Are Tiles Going Out of Fashion?

mould on ceramic tiles

The end of tiles? Can you imagine walking into a selection of UK bathrooms and not spotting a single tile in any of them? It might be hard to imagine, but there is every chance of this happening in the coming years as alternatives to tiles are becoming more mainstream. Tiles have enjoyed a good […]

Landlords: How To Remodel Your Properties on a Budget

landlord remodel apartment

Remodelling a property can be a nightmare. As a landlord, you have to act quickly and think of the best solution. If your property is old the potential problems are compounded. An old property could look dingy and rundown – bathroom surfaces could need gutting and kitchen work units could need updating for example. This […]

Remodel your Bathroom with ease using PVC Panels

PVC Wall Panels

Plannintg to remodel your bathroom? There are many considerations to make when undertaking such a project. What colour scheme do you want? What style of bath and units would work well? One consideration that is sometimes overlooked is how to cover the walls and shower/bath area. Many would opt for tiles and hire a professional […]