3 Time-Saving Tricks for Installing Wall Panels

how to install pvc wall panels


Wall panels can be used in any room to create a stunning transformation. They’re designed to be quick and easy to install too. However, following some simple tricks and tips will help save you even more time. 

Installing Wall panels: make sure you have all the necessary tools ready before you begin

Once you have your panels ready to install, you’ll want to get on with the job as quickly as you can. Who wouldn’t want to see the result once the panels are fully installed complete with all the required trim?

It’s worth taking a moment to ensure you have all the tools you’ll need to complete the job though. You might think to grab a tape measure, the first saw you come across, and your sealant to do the job. What about staples or nails that won’t corrode though? Do you have a staple gun for those staples? What about a hammer or screwdriver?

Take time to get all your tools together first. If you’re missing anything, it is far easier to nip out and buy it before you get started. It’ll save you time in the long run.

Accuracy first: have a table or workbench ready for making cuts

It’s vital to make sure you measure each panel accurately before cutting it. That old saying, ‘measure twice, cut once,’ is true here. You also need to make sure you have a workbench or small table set up close by. Ideally, it should be set up just outside the room you are working in (unless the room is large). Clamps can be a good idea too, to hold each panel in place while you cut it.

how to install PVC Wall Panels
Installing wall panels is an easy way to transform your home yourself without hiring a professional.

Don’t skimp on a good blade to make those cuts either. A fresh blade for your Stanley knife or a new fine-tooth saw is ideal for the job. It will take far less energy to cut through each panel and each cut can be made far more quickly and effectively too.


Don’t forget: always double check which way the tongue and groove panels are facing

This won’t always be an issue, but if you are cutting a panel to fit around a pipe or other permanent feature in the room, it’s vital to make sure the panel is positioned the right way around before you measure and cut it to fit. It’s an easy mistake to make, but you won’t want to waste a panel by cutting a chunk out of the wrong end. Double check it, measure it, check it again, and then cut it. This simple process may sound like it will take longer to complete, but it takes seconds to go through and gets rid of any chance of making simple errors. Those errors take up more time if you make them.

Run through these tips before you start installing wall panels. Once you have them all firmly in your mind, you will see how much time you can save during the installation process. Then you can sit back and admire the finished room.

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