How to Install PVC Panels on Top of Any Surface

Fixing wall panels to battens

Wall panels provide a fast and simple solution to transform your bathroom or indeed any room in your home. The panels are modern, affordable, and available in a selection of finishes. This means you’re sure to find a design that appeals to the ideas you have for your new décor.


Can you install PVC wall panels on any surface?


Yes! Many people are surprised by that. They assume you need flat walls in excellent condition to install PVC panels on them. Not so.


Sometimes you’re stuck with an existing surface you cannot do much with. For example, if your walls are made from bare brick and you’re over that style, you’re looking at an expensive plastering job if you want to paint or wallpaper over them. Wall panels give you another option, and likely a far more practical one.

DIY Tile fail
PVC wall panels can be installed directly on top of existing ceramic tiles.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to overhaul your bathroom, you might find you are faced with tiles. Even if those tiles are in good condition, the prospect of taking them all off the wall and skimming the walls with a fresh coat of plaster isn’t a pleasant one.


Fortunately, PVC wall panels can be attached to any surface. The only caveat is that the surface is sound, for example there are no blown areas of plaster or loose tiles.


How do you fix the panels to the walls?


You can either fix them straight onto the wall or attach battens first. If your walls are uneven, it’s best to go for battens. This is more likely if you’re attaching the panels onto brick walls. Tiled walls should be relatively flat anyway, otherwise the tiles would be fitted unevenly or would have slid off the wall if too much adhesive was used behind them.

how to install pvc wall panels

Battens are strong enough to cope with the panels being attached to them. However, if you are installing the panels in a bathroom, we recommend anti-rot battening as it will last far longer and withstand any moisture in the room.


The most important thing when installing panels onto any surface is to ensure each panel slots easily into the one next to it. The tongue and groove design will make this easy, so if you are experiencing any difficulties, it could be because the wall surface you are attaching them to is uneven. This could put pressure on the panels.  You should also check each panel is straight and flat against the wall or battens if you are using them.


What is the advantage of using battens?

how to install pvc wall panels

Battens mean most of the imperfections in your walls will disappear and no longer be a concern. Imagine a bare brick wall inside your house. There are spaces between the bricks where the mortar is recessed between them. The brick surfaces are far from flat, especially if the bricks are old. If you’re over that rustic look and want a modern alternative, using battens to install PVC  wall panels to makes the job far easier and faster to complete.