Frequently Asked Questions

Christmas and New Year delivery

Order by midday on 18th December 2019 for guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

The office and warehouse will be closed from 23rd December 2019 to 1st January 2020, and will reopen on 2nd January 2020. We will not be able to send parcels, or respond to calls or emails during this time. You can still place orders over this period, and all orders placed after 18th December 2019 will be picked, packed, and posted after 2nd January 2020.

How long does delivery take?

Usually between 3-5 days.

Can I arrange the day when my order is delivered?

Yes, please allow at least 3-5 days for delivery and specify which date in the “Order notes” section when placing an order.

Can I collect an order myself from your warehouse?

Yes, please call us beforehand on 01332 296844.

Where are you based?

Dunstall Park Road
United Kingdom
DE24 8HJ

How do I install PVC panels?

We have created a DIY guide to help you.


How do I know how many panels I need for my walls or floors?

All of our wall and floor panel product pages have an easy to use calculator built in which will help you decide how many you should buy.

Why Panels?

If you have been looking for a new style for a room in your home – whether it be the bathroom, bedroom or conservatory – we have it covered. We provide top quality PVC panelling, ceiling panels and heavy duty shower panels  – all available in a vast range of colours, styles, textures and applications. Our PVC panels are a low maintenance, low cost and great value alternative to traditional ceramic tiling and other methods of wall coverings.

Why not tiling or traditional panelling?

Beautiful as the traditional methods of tiling are, they come with a range of problems that may not be immediately apparent. Traditional panelling and tiles require an investment far greater than may initially be thought – they require the work of highly skilled tillers, plus there may be a cost attached to transportation as tiles can be extremely heavy, especially marble. There are also expansive amounts of work involved in maintaining these tiles – by trying to maintain a watchful eye on creeping mould and grime. These problems do not exist with our PVC panels.

Our PVC panels come at such great value and are available in so many different styles and colours; you will be spoiled for choice! Our panel ranges are uniformly priced so you will not be made pay for any additional charges based on the type of panel colour you want – we provide our panels at set prices.

Can Panels be brought into an already tiled room?

Absolutely! Our expansive range of colours, styles and effects means our panels can provide for almost all personal tastes. We are sure you can find a panel to suit your requirements in our online store gallery.

Can I tailor these panels to suit my room?

Yes! We have developed our panels to ensure the process of installation can allow for alterations and custom choices, allowing for a dynamic and individual process. We also have provided fitting instructions that will ensure these panels are secured in the most effective and long lasting manor.

Can I cut the panels to fit my room height?

Yes, all our panels can be easily cut. Please refer to our DIY guide for more info.

What type of Panelling can I choose from?

Firstly, we provide a full suite of wall coverings to ensure bathroom and home fittings can be installed. We also provide a collection of ceiling panels which can be integrated seamlessly with our wall and shower panels.

We provide a vast and expanding range of colours with our PVC wall panelling – with marble, wooden and ceramic tile effects to name just a few.

Our cladding & flooring ranges complete our service of room installations. From the floor the ceiling and everything in between, we can provide the full set of PVC coverings; securely and at great value. There are so many levels of customisation available to you, including the colour, shape, style, and accessories for the panels.

What are your Panels made from?


What colours can I choose from?

We offer an extensive and expansive range of colours, textures, and styles to choose from. All of our ranges are available from here.

Are these Panels safe for children?

Our PVC panels are in fact a hygienic wash down surface – great for families with small children. Our panels look great in many areas of the home, but are very advantageous in a children’s play area simply because they are so easy to keep clean.

Do you provide any other products?

Yes, we provide a full range of accessories to ensure the installation and maintenance of our wall, floor, and ceiling panels are easily taken care of.

What accessories do you provide?

We provide silicones and adhesives for installation. We provide cleaning products for our panels for the quickest and easiest way to maintain our panels. We also provide a full range of trims to ensure each panel installation can be finished to your requirements. A full range of accessories is available from our accessories section.

Are these panels Recyclable?

As a PVC product our PVC panels are 100% recyclable. All adhesives used are solvent free, therefore, no obnoxious fumes or smells.

How simple are these PVC panels to fit?

Extremely easy, we also provide a full set of installation instructions here on our site.