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PVC Ceiling Panels

High Quality Vinyl Floors

£75.50 incl. VAT
    • Pasedena
    • Frisco Stone
    • Burbank
    • Pomena Stone
  • Clear
£75.50 incl. VAT
    • Richmond Oak
    • Cleveland Oak
    • Amarillo Oak
    • Fontana Oak
    • Huntsville Oak
    • Norfolk Walnut
  • Clear
£75.50 incl. VAT
    • Bear Oak
    • Barn Oak
    • Smoked Oak
    • Marsh Wood
    • Whitewash Pine
    • Chapman Oak
  • Clear
£64.00 incl. VAT
    • Ocean Slate
    • Olympia
    • Dorato Stone
    • Glint Cement Ice
    • Glint Cement Nero
    • Venetian Stone Grey
    • Venetian Stone Ice
  • Clear

Finishing Trims and Adhesives

“As a landlord I need to ensure the living standards for my tenants is up to par. We had a problem with mould and mildew so I installed PVC Wall panels over existing tiles. The whole process took a day and I was able to carry out the work myself at a fraction of the cost and with no disturbance to the occupants.”

J Bryant

“When we bought our home it was in need of serious repair. We had a limited budget for the bathroom but by using PVC wall panels we were able to save money which we could use on other parts of the house.”

Debbie S

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