PVC panels vs Ceramic tiles

ceramic vs PVC panel

PVC panels vs Ceramic tiles? Many people would in fact choose ceramic tiles without even giving thought to any viable alternatives. For those working on a budget, PVC panels offer a robust alternative which is easier to install and leaves less to clean up.

5 reasons to choose PVC over Ceramic

PVC panels (or cladding as it is sometimes called) usually come in 5mm thick sheets approx. 2m x 25cm. These sheets are available in a wide range of styles, colours and designs. The following are 5 reasons why you should consider PVC for your remodelling project.

1.Reduced cost

Firstly, for those working on a tight budget, PVC can provide excellent savings. If you purchased panels and tiles of like for like quality, PVC would always work out cheaper. The square meter cost may only be marginally different; however, when tiling you must account for grout and adhesive too.This bumps the total per/m square cost up considerably in comparison to PVC.

2.Improved fitting speed

Even skilled tradesmen will tell you how difficult and time-consuming it is to fit tiles. Consider the process. You have to manually line up each individual tile.Then you have to ensure the grouting and adhesive are immaculate too. Installing PVC panelling in comparison is so much less hassle. PVC panels are larger, so you don’t need as many to cover the same area of tiles. Plus, you don’t have to wait for any grout to dry.

3.Reduced mess

Tiling requires several processes which can be messy. The wall must first be prepared which could include plastering. Afterwards, an adhesive layer must be applied before the grout. These processes can be chaotic even for the tidiest of people. Installing PVC panels, in contrast, requires one stage only – applying adhesive using a silicone gun. There is much less mess which allows you to move onto other remodelling stages quicker.

4.Easier to change and remove

Removing PVC cladding is a straightforward process. It is simply a case of carefully prizing the panel from the wall and cleaning any excess adhesive. To make things easier, you can use the old panel to measure up the new one. Additionally, PVC panels can sometimes be installed OVER existing ceramic tiles.

5.Less discolouration/ Mould and Mildew Proof

Tiles can discolour. Even worse, the grout in-between tiles can discolour. Lighter coloured tiles and grouting, in particular, can quickly fade and turn yellowish in colour. In some cases mould and mildew will grow between the tiles on the grout. If your PVC panels start to look dingy, you can simply wipe them down with a damp cloth. PVC panels are 100% mould and mildew proof. This is much quicker and less expensive.

You should now see the benefits of using PVC over Ceramic tiles.If you are contemplating a remodelling project or have a blank canvas new build, PVC cladding is the best choice. You can save some cash to splurge on other areas of your home. Plus, you can improve your DIY skills by installing the panels yourself.

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