The Nation’s Top Home Interior Design Trends: Japandi

What’s been happening in our homes?

Clearing out our homes, bagging up clothes and donating or selling our unwanted, nay unneeded “stuff” was a common scene throughout the UK lockdowns. With so much time spent at home we realised just how much, too much can affect us and our mindset. Perhaps it is the need to keep busy and productive, or maybe we realised we are better off, de-stressed and more motivated without excess. 

The strive for ‘a bit less’ and a ‘tidy home = tidy mind ’ has seen an increase in interior design trends, particularly Japandi. 

In the 2021 Lockdown, many have continued to make the most of their time at home and I am sure you’re the same. Perhaps motivated by the amount of time spent at home, have you also been dabbling in DIY projects, renovating, remodelling and redecorating your home?  

The strive for ‘a bit less’ and a ‘tidy home = tidy mind’ has seen an increase in interior design trends, particularly Japandi. 

What is Japandi design? 

Think a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influences. It’s no question that these cultures have already influenced our homes with the help of Japanese sensation Marie Kondo, the tidying expert, keeping our homes minimal and meaningful. Scandinavian design embodies their culture of contentment and appreciation of surroundings, both adopting a balance in colour and natural materials such as wood and stone. Both looks combined together create an overall minimal but uplifting environment elevated by natural elements. 

How do I achieve a Japandi look in my home?

 1. Keep it minimal

Create a light colour scheme of 3 main colours alternating between different tones. You can then add occasional pops of dark colours. Doing so allows you to be creative with colour and texture without over complicating the space’s appeal. 

2. Minimal is not boring

Balance the bold with discrete and carefully consider your wall and floor options. Explore what sub themes you like, if you want a slick minimal look, choose light or white wood or stone flooring to go with white walls, and keep the furnishings as focal points. If you want a more urban look, consider a brushed concrete statement wall as your anchor with a light wooden floor and build your room around it. 

3. Detox & refresh:

  • De-clutter –  not surprisingly, a de-cluttered environment reduces stress and maintains a calming atmosphere. 
  • Bring the outdoors in – in true Scandinavian style, include beautiful wood effect textures and finish with living plants, all proven to improve wellbeing.

Incorporating these elements will help keep a positive, stress reduced environment, especially worth it if you will be spending more time at home for the foreseeable future like working from home. 

Get your own Japandi look

Start turning your home into the ultimate place of contemporary tranquility, consider the Japandi design influences and complete your room with gorgeous wall, ceiling and floor solutions here: