The Ultimate Guest Bedroom inspiration for Autumn

Autumn is a magical time of year with lots of your friends and family who might want to stay at your home for special events. However, if you’re looking at a guest room that’s drab and uninviting, then you might want to spruce up your guest room ready for autumn.

Here are five steps for you to create a dreamy autumn getaway that will see your guests through the cooler months.

Step 1: Flooring

Start with the foundation of the room. You want to have that earthy feeling that will give a natural look that is also durable. One of the best options is wood effect luxury vinyl flooring. These are really simple to install and can be very cost-effective. Luxury vinyl flooring is long-lasting and can suit a variety of aesthetics if you decide to change the room again in the new year.

And you shouldn’t stop there. You can add a shag or a faux sheep-skin rug that will keep some warmth in the room. The rug will also help to keep feet warm on cold autumnal mornings.

Step 2: Wall Panels

To get that perfect seasonal look for the colder months, you want to create a contemporary cottage feel. You can use off-white paint or wall panels to bounce off the rustic earth-toned floor.

Alternatively, you can try to use a rustic chic look with a polished concrete style wall.

Either of these styles can offer a more natural, relaxing feel to a room to help those staying to fall into a deep slumber.

You can easily transform your whole guest room with quick-to-install wall panels that come in a variety of wood, concrete and stone styles and can go straight onto the existing wall. 

Step 3: Add Furniture

Now it is time to add the decorations to your room. There are lots of great pieces of furniture that you can add to your room to complete the look. You can add classic pieces that add character to the room like a tan leather chesterfield armchair that can help you recreate a luxury ski lodge vibe that is a perfect retreat during the colder months.

Then you can mix it up with bedside tables that have metallic accents on them. Add on the top of these bedside lights that have a soft glow for subtle lighting.

If you want to add some additional features to the room, go for a large wooden dresser or standing oak cupboard. If you’re looking for additional decorations, try to add some pictures around the room that feature natural sceneries.

Step 4: Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings can now be added to your autumn guest room to complete the look. You can add bedding with pillows, cushions and fluffy throws with warm colours. Ensure that there are some high tog duvets for those cold winter nights.

You will also want to put out some reading materials for guests to enjoy. On a wooden bookcase a couple of your favourite novels that are perfect night-time reading. Or you might want to include a more recent copy of a travel magazine.

Step 5: Environment

Now you can add some extra features that can help you create that earthy autumnal feeling. A great option for this is vanilla or sandalwood-scented candles. If you are renting, scent sticks are the perfect alternative that will still fill your guest room with a lovely scent.

If you choose the right furnishings, then the earthy wood smell from that should also help you create that autumnal feel.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to creating a cosy guest room this autumn. You might even like it for your own bedroom!