Why is it Vital to Choose the Best Underlay for Your Vinyl Flooring?

Choosing the best underlay for your vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring has become a popular choice in many homes. In the past, vinyl was commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. New materials and developments have led to it being used in other areas too. Oftentimes, people are not even aware they are walking on vinyl; such is the quality of the finished product. It is designed to give a long life and now comes in many colours and designs.

Vinyl floor wood and stone finishes
Vinyl floors come in a range of wood and stone finishes

The best vinyl floors need the best vinyl floor underlay

However, even the best vinyl only looks as good as the underlay it is laid on. Skipping this step or using only the cheapest underlay means you miss out on some of the key benefits of using the best one you can lay your hands on.

underlay for vinyl floor

The right underlay for your vinyl floor can deaden sound

Underlay may not be visible once the flooring is laid, but it performs some essential roles. For example, the noise created when walking on the floor will be deadened when good quality underlay is used. This can make a huge difference to the result. No one wants to experience noisy footsteps every time someone walks through the room. This won’t occur when the best underlay is used. Purchasing underlay designed for vinyl floors that provides this deadening effect is the best course of action.

It can provide a consistent surface on which to lay the vinyl

Stone Effect Vinyl Flooring
A level surface is essential to properly lay a vinyl floor

No subfloor is perfect. Even ones that have been freshly laid new homes or re-laid in older ones could have slight imperfections in the surface. In old houses or properties where the subfloor has been down for years, there could be a few dips or gaps in the floor. For example, a floorboard may have been replaced, or a dent sustained.

No sub-floor is perfect.

Regardless of what has caused the uneven surface, laying vinyl on top of it without using underlay is not recommended. Over time, those imperfections will show through. They may affect the look of the floor. They might also cause the vinyl to dip in places where the underlying subfloor is uneven. These are all issues that are easily resolved with a high-quality vinyl floor underlay. It will protect the new vinyl floor against moisture too – yet another advantage of using it.


It provides a softer feel underfoot

Walking on a luxury Vinyl floor
A good underlay for your vinyl floor brings an added bounce to an already comfortable surface.

We all know the difference we experience when walking on hardwood floors compared with carpet. Vinyl provides something in between those two extremes. A good underlay gives us the chance to enjoy a more pleasant feel when walking on the floor. It boasts a cushioning presence, something that is immediately apparent if we were to walk on the floor barefoot. We would recognise which floor had no underlay and which one had good underlay.


You can see there are many advantages to completing this step and not being tempted to skip it. Laying a new floor is an exciting time; we all want to see the outcome. However, it is the part you won’t see that is arguably the most important part of all. Make sure you complete that too.