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What waterproof flooring solutions are available?

stone effect vinyl floor

It is important to have waterproof flooring in a number of situations; you may have a bathroom you are renovating; you may be redoing your kitchen; you may even be redecorating your hall and be considering the effects of wet shoes on the floor. We’ve taken a look at what options are available to you, […]

Where can I use Clever Click flooring?

Stone Effect Vinyl Flooring

Clever Click flooring is a revolution in the world of vinyl flooring. It’s quick and easy to install, and looks fantastic in pretty much any setting. When thinking about where you may or may not be able to use Clever Click, it’s probably best to go through all of Clever Clicks features to aid the […]

What vinyl floor style should I pick?

When considering vinyl floor style, you need to consider three things: Which room is the flooring for? How much footfall will the area get? What look am I going for? It might seem a little odd to not consider the look until the final point, but the room and footfall may have an influence on […]

What are the types of vinyl flooring available?

There are many types of vinyl flooring on offer, all with varying benefits. When choosing which is best for you, it’s important to consider the finish you’re after – from an aesthetic and usability perspective.   Do you need something that fits into an existing decor scheme? Do you need something that’s completely waterproof? Or […]