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How to Install PVC Panels on Top of Any Surface

Fixing wall panels to battens

Wall panels provide a fast and simple solution to transform your bathroom or indeed any room in your home. The panels are modern, affordable, and available in a selection of finishes. This means you’re sure to find a design that appeals to the ideas you have for your new décor.   Can you install PVC […]

My Bathroom Ceiling Has Black Mould Growing on It. What Should I Do?

Few people are familiar with Stachybotrys Chartarum. That said, we all know what black mould looks like. They are one and the same and can appear in any area where moisture is present. That’s why often a bathroom ceiling has black mould. All the steam created by showers and baths provides the ideal situation for […]

Change your kitchen floor in 7 easy steps

stone effect vinyl floor

Changing your kitchen floor in a quick way to breath life into an old looking kitchen.  Kitchen renovations are expensive projects. Most kitchens are built to last but it’s not unusual to want a change to your décor though – a change that might seem impossible to achieve if you’re looking at your kitchen. The […]

Landlords: How To Remodel Your Properties on a Budget

landlord remodel apartment

Remodelling a property can be a nightmare. As a landlord, you have to act quickly and think of the best solution. If your property is old the potential problems are compounded. An old property could look dingy and rundown – bathroom surfaces could need gutting and kitchen work units could need updating for example. This […]