We’re all spending a lot more time at home of late and it’s lead to use wanting to improve many aspects of our house. Kitchen renovations are on the increase, and with many people having budgets to stick to, the DIY kitchen renovation is hugely popular.

Completely transforming your kitchen is easy to do on a shoe string; simply painting your units, changing the counter top, or sprucing up your walls can give a brand new look to the space – you don’t need to rip everything out and start again!

To help you with your kitchen renovation, we’ve pulled together a whole host of articles and information. Read on to get kitchen design ideas, and answer any questions you might have regarding your project.

The latest Kitchen Renovation Articles

Frequently asked questions

Can I use PVC wall panels behind my cooker?

We do not recommend using PVC wall panels behind a cooker. All our PVC wall panels are plastic and therefore do not cope well with the extreme heat a cooker will produce when in use. We recommend you purchase a specialist hob splash back in either metal or glass.

Can I use PVC wall panels behind my sink?

Yes, our PVC wall panels are ideal for use as a kitchen sink splash back, or counter top splash back. We do recommend you use an edge trim to close the raw edges at the top and sides of the splash back. Once installed, a PVC kitchen splash back will be easy to clean and maintain.

Is vinyl flooring suitable for a kitchen?

Absolutely, Clever Click vinyl flooring is perfect for use in a kitchen space. Not only is it easy to clean and maintain, it is also more insulated that tiles so will not get as cold underfoot. Plus, if you want extra warmth, it’s Clever Click is compatible with underfloor heating.

How do I install kitchen wall panels?

Installing kitchen wall panels is easy enough to do yourself, if you want to. In most cases it’s simply a case of apply adhesive and sticking the panels to the walls. Read more in our guide: How to install PVC wall panels.

How do you install kitchen flooring

Clever Click vinyl flooring is really easy to install in a kitchen. You need to make sure the floor is level and sturdy (no loose floorboards!) and it’s then a case of clicking each panel into place. You will potentially need to cut some panels if you have fixtures and fittings to navigate. Read more in our guide: How to install vinyl flooring.

What panels are best for a kitchen splash back?

Any of our PVC wall panels can be used as kitchen splashbacks. It is purely down to your preference as to which panel to go for. We’ve put together all the options to help you choose: Kitchen splashback panel options.

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